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© Sylvia Benito, 2014
21st of December



As I moved one day deeper into retreat and one day closer to the solstice, the words of Hafiz repeated in my mind:

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

Today, after our morning and afternoon yoga practice, I went to surf. I seem to have little need for words right now, little to talk about, but much to move through my body. Giving myself to the ocean is the perfect medicine for moving within.

I had a sweet fiberglass board, freshly waxed, and the tide was perfect. As soon as I started paddling out, I stopped short of the “outside” and decided to surf the smaller breaks. No need to be cocky. And actually, I was a bit scared. The break always looks bigger to me when I am right up against it. As soon as the waves were large enough to give me a hard spin while diving under, I called it quits and turned my board around to face the shore. It was a good day in the water, the sun low in the horizon spilling radiance.

In Ireland there is an ancient temple called Newgrange, which is 5000 years old. This temple is built underneath a mound of earth and is dark on all days of the year except solstice, when for seventeen minutes the sun aligns perfectly with a window and floods the inner chamber with light. I did not talk much today, or think much either. I simply moved my body, moving from the old to the new, from the outer to the inner, as if I were moving through the tunnel at Newgrange preparing for the return of the light.


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© Sylvia Benito, 2014
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