sylviaMy name is Sylvia. I am eternally curious, and will go anywhere to taste something new. This space is my personal journal where I document the adventures of my restless little sprite of a soul. I share what I have found to be true for me in hopes that it resonates for you on your heart’s journey home. You’ll see that my journey has taken me from writing mostly about mindful eating and cooking- when I was a cozily married wife- to writing about life as a spiritually devoted divorced mother of two boys, discovering what it might mean to be truly free. I am working on my first book, a memoir about ten years of my life when I searched for enlightenment- and in my own way, found it. I mountain bike, snowboard, dance, surf and am a devoted yogini. Anything to shake off the dust. I write to process and understand and polish the stories of my life. I pray to share them with you with as much vulnerability as I can access- because raw honesty is one of the most healing forces on earth. So let us discover, wonder, and heal together. Thank you for being here.

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